The Butch Wax Story

The Butch Wax Story

How It All Began...

Everyone wants to know how Butch Wax Vintage started. Well, here we go...

Having loved vintage for many years, I had been working in the most prestigious vintage boutique in San Diego for the past 7 years before starting my own online en devour. When the shop closed after 30+ years to go purely online, I still worked for the owner doing all of the web duties and modeling. I have loved and collected vintage clothes since the age of 13, but working for this business really installed a great amount of vintage knowledge in me and I'm so very thankful for that. I learned about all of the eras, fabrics, styles, etc. and began to have a very keen eye. Also, I myself wear vintage everyday, so I know what styles I personally like and what styles are in demand.

So, one day while still working for said business, I took a chance and started listing some of my own personal vintage goodies on Etsy, merely to free closet space and make some extra income. The first thing that I sold was bought for the Martha Stewart Show! The rest, as they say, is history. My Etsy page took off, I started working very hard on it, picking for clothes daily, I had to quit working my regular job, and I took the full on leap and made this my solo income/career. And nope, I don't regret a single day of it. My only regret? That I didn't do it sooner!

Everyday when I wake up I am so thankful that I get to do what I love for a living. I get to work with one of my true passions, vintage clothing. I love "the hunt," I love to dig for treasures, I love the idea of finding something that you can never find again. I am constantly surprised at how lovely my online customers (or clients, as I call them) are and how enthusiastic people are about vintage clothing. It truly warms my heart to see people get really excited about these wearable gems like I do. I appreciate every single order and every word of mouth recommendation so so much.

A Little About Amanda...

Hi all! I'm Amanda Suter, owner of Butch Wax Vintage! As mentioned above, I have been a huge fan of vintage for years- the age of 13, to be exact. I first fell in love with vintage when I discovered the joys of shopping at thrift stores. As a wee shy child I use to put together my own unique outfits to express myself, that is, when I wasn't drawing. Growing up as a unapologetic weirdo punk girl in highschool, wearing vintage was an outlet of not conforming and expressing myself, it was a way to stick out from the crowd. Most importantly, it just felt right- I always prefered the details and character of vintage pieces over modern.

My first job at 16 was at a vintage store in downtown San Diego called "Shake Rag." After that, I was a makeup artist for most of my early 20's, working for Christian Dior, NARS, and Guerlain. Having missed vintage and by a weird stroke of luck, I began working at a high-end vintage boutique here in San Diego called "Wear It Again Sam," where I would work for almost 7 years before quitting to persue Butch Wax Vintage.

Besides hoarding, ehem, collecting vintage- guess what? I have numerous other interests! I am featured as a real life mermaid on a beer bottle label- Star Island Single of Smuttynose Brewery. I am a semi-retired burlesque performer; I have been performing under the name of Miss Dixie von Trixie since 2003. I started with The Starlite Sirens of San Diego, and I then founded Sultry Savage Burlesque of San Diego. I love to sing. I sang lead in the 1960's garage influenced band, The Viewmasters, and I am currently singing lead in the 1960's soul / r&b influenced band, The Amandas. I love to travel. I basically work to travel, and I love traveling to find vintage for my business!